Friday, December 31, 2010

holiday card designs

Good day all! So, I was a little late getting the ball rolling on my holiday cards this year, but at least I got it them out before the end of the year.

This was the first year that my Jake, my boyfriend, and I sent out cards as a couple. I decided to go the postcard route for three reasons:
          1.  I like postcards
          2.  Less paper waste by eliminating the envelope
          3.  More affordable postage stamps

I drew out the design by hand, scanned in my pencil drawing and traced over it with the pen tool in Illustrator. I also did all of the coloring and snowflakes in Illustrator. Then, I placed in the photo of us from Arapaho Basin in Colorado.

Out holiday postcard 2010 - printed by

I really didn't think I was going to get the postcards in time to send out. So, to cover my bases, I sent out a cute, little digital greeting card via email as well. I made this one the same way I did the postcard; hand drew the one tree, scanned it into Illustrator, traced, and colored. I just duplicated the tree over and over and layered them.

My digital greeting!

I think I like the trees better. More simple, more "me."

For the last time, Happy New Year and be safe all!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

thrifty find - campbell's tomato soup mug

Good evening all! What I found weird was that this wasn't the only Campbell's Tomato Soup mug at the thrift shop, but this was a vintage piece and the other one, which I neglected to purchase, was Corning ware and a lot newer. But, as a coffee mug connoisseur (like a lot of us are), I thought that this would make a nice addition to my meager collection. No more generic, run-of-the-mill mugs for me anymore! I am only allowing myself to purchase neat, iconic, or nicely designed mugs. As it is, I have this new one and an I <3 NY mug which I personally picked up while in New York City after I graduated college.

Mmm mmm good!

almost the end, but a new beginning starts here!

Good day all! I am so very excited to publish my first post on a new blog at the dusk of twenty-ten. What a year it has been for all of us, and I can't think of anything better than starting a fresh interest at full stead. I ask that you all bear with me as I venture into this blog at a learning level, but with the will and heart that will take it to where I want it to be. All suggestions are welcome! 

I'm going to leave you with my favorite piece of my personal work, "move like a jellyfish." It's about two-years-old watercolor and ink illustration, but it is my identity piece and I feel that it will really let you see some of my personality.

"Move like a jellyfish" - 2009 — watercolor and ink

Happy New Year all!