Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just Keep Moving

As a part of promoting healthy actions at work, we periodically send out company-wide emails with some motivational messages. This image I created is from the most recent one, which reminds you that every step you take counts in the journey to get healthier and more active! 

Harley Davidson's 110th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

This upcoming Labor Day weekend Harley Davidson's 110th Anniversary celebration weekend. Please look for bikes. Not just this weekend, but always! I have a lot of loved ones who ride, and I want everyone to stay safe!

To read more on Harley's 110 Years of freedom, click here.

Stay safe everyone!

- D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

which way did he go?

Good morning all!

A lot of times an arrow will tell you a direction to go. But when you see these arrows, you won't want to go anywhere—except maybe a step back to get a better view of their wonderfulness.

The handmade print, "arrows," is for available to purchase here on PerlaAnne's etsy shop.

As originally seen as a part of this post on Design*Sponge.

one for the ensemble

Good evening all!
I have to share this lovely set of accessories with you all, the three of them pulled together by one main piece: the necklace. Enjoy! The go shopping?

{#2} Tea Rose ring ($10) at lizhutnick on etsy

dining, quaintly

Good morning all!
These chairs are so simple, so characteristic, and just perfectly quaint. That aged-seafoam green is on the top of my color pallet this year.

French dining room, originally uploaded by decorology.
See more of decorology's photographs on flicker or at their blog.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

only seems appropriate...

Good evening all!
I'm really liking this Mr and Mrs Cardinal print set ($20) on berkleyillustrations' Etsy shop. In their little outfits, it makes you wonder what all of those birds could have been...
Mr and Mrs Cardinal print set by berkleyillustrations Image copyright Ryan Berkley Illustration. 
 Also check out Ryan Berkley's blog and flickr library. 

too adorable not to share

Good day all! My boyfriend showed me this amazingly adorable video and I just had to repost it for you all! I love dogs like no other, and this is just too cute watching these two play together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

See where I found the video here.