Sunday, January 2, 2011

creativity is up!

Good evening all! Today I came across this interesting article at Dexigner, Creative Economy Report 2010: Creative Industries Are Stimulating Economic Recovery. This is fantastic to see in cold, hard numbers everyone.

I am very fortunate that I live in a great city and country that allows me such a privilege to freely express and expand my creative growth, but there are so many others that do not have this luxury. But this report says that growing cities "are using the concept of 'creative cities' to design urban development strategies for reinvigorating growth with focus on culture and creative activities." It's nice to know that our efforts are not being ignored, and on a global level at that.

Another huge take away from the article is that the "demand for creative goods may resume its previous brisk growth, as people seem eager for products and services linked to culture, social events, entertainment, and leisure." I am one of those people! I am eager for this, and I can see it happening already! I mean, how many of you got a hand-made gift this holiday season, or for your last birthday or anniversary? I bet there are very few that can say they did not. That's just more proof that we, as consumers, and artists alike, are supporting this fabulous niche in full force.

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