Monday, January 3, 2011

spice rack attack!

Good day all!

While searching for spices for dinner tonight—and note, I did say searching—I thought, there must be a better way to organize this containers!
My pitiful spice shelf
There's baking powder with kosher salt, curry powder with a meat rub, and other unknown spices just thrown in where ever they can fit. And they're all in different bottles from different brands, nothing matching or coordinating.

What I want is something, clean, something simple, and something that will transfer from kitchen to kitchen as my mind and taste change, and as I move.

Neil Cohen's Twist Spice Rack—MCA Store
This little number I found at the MCA Store in my home town, Chicago. While it is $200, and quite a bit (okay...more like a mile) out of my price range, I like that it rotates on that beautiful wood base. The chrome and black, a staple color for most of my designs, is easy to wipe clean, which is important as I tend to get messy in the kitchen.

15-Jar Tiered Spice Rack—Crate&Barrel

The hottest item for my wallet is this lovely spice rack—an actual rack, with shelves!—from Crate&Barrel. With 15 slots for spice jars, it's more than enough for what I cook up in the kitchen. And at $39.99 for the entire set-up, plus only $2.50 to replace any broken spice jars that I might clumsily's almost a steal. But it only gets better. C&B offers free refills on the spices for up to 5 years. Kudos, C&B!

totemspice® rack by purposedesign
I have to say that this lovely, sleek, wall-mounted totemspice® rack by purposedesign on has to be my favorite find. It's so simple, seems very easy to install, and perfect for that awkward opening between the oven range and the microwave, if you have that common set-up like I do. It's also affordable at $59.99.

The containers are pre-filled with spices—all of which are carefully chosen by the shop owner in her local area of Montreal, Canada. She really puts a lot of thought and effort into her design as well as content, which is truly appreciated.

As a note, I will be moving in just a few weeks from now, so I am trying to hold back on any major purchases until I find a new place and know what I'm getting into. However, this is something major on my long shopping list and I will soon let you know what I decide to go with!

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